Minutes from PTA Meetings: 


Coolidge PTA General Membership Meeting

September 12, 2017

In attendance: PTA President Niki Coon, PTA VP 1 Erin McCarley, PTA Treasurer Jessica

Howlin, PTA Secretary Wendie DeLano, Principal Larry Grezak and a quorum of PTA members.

Call to Order: The meeting was called to Order at 7:05 p.m. by Niki Coon

Approval of Minutes: June 2017 meeting minutes approved by Erin McCarley and a 2nd by

Laura Tubbs

Principal Report:

- New 3rd grade reading law coming into effect. Will be trying to focus on ELA read, write,

speak, diving deeper, assignments will be geared toward deeper level thinking and will

try to bring subjects together. Mr. Grezak hoping to plan a breakfast with the principal or

something like that to answer more questions. This years 1st graders will be the first to

have the new requirements and will be retained if not met.

- One thing planned to help make sure no students are retained will be the start of a

Literacy Lab here at Coolidge. An Interventionist will work with kids there.

- Playground Equipment Update: Swings and other playground equipment here at

Coolidge (and at most schools in Livonia) did not meet inspection and had to be

removed over the summer. New equipment is coming but it just takes time. Not only do

new things need to arrive, but drainage issues around the equipments are being

evaluated to make sure no flooding around the equipment. No word yet on ETA of the

new equipment. Mr. Grezak will be attending a meeting next week to discuss a timeline.

Presidents Report:

- Fall Festival: Will be held at Holmes Middle School on October 20, 2017. Students can

wear their costumes with tennis shoes. There will be games, DJ, bounce house, hot

dogs etc. We need a lot of parent volunteers to make this happen (around 30). Need

candy donations too. Also looking in to having NHS student volunteers. Erin will contact

NHS to look into that. Niki will do sign up genius for volunteers to sign up for times.

Treasurer Report:

- Yearly budget was presented and approved by all.

Membership: Right now we have 78 paid members and we have 500 students. That is a pretty

good starting number and we will do Membership drives to gain more.

Yearbook: Wendie DeLano met with Yearbook rep at Lifetouch to sign contract and settle

deadlines etc. today. At our last meeting we talked about the possibility of doing a supplement

to the book that would arrive at the beginning of the following school year. Doing this we would

be able to include both the 4th grade send off activities and field day. It would add $2.50 to the

cost of the book. It was decided that we will not do this as we dont want to increase the price of

the book that much.

Upcoming Events:

Sept 20- Leos Coney Island Night 5-9

Sept 22- FUND Run (school hours)

Sept 25- Picture Day

Sept 27- Curriculum night

Next PTA Board Meeting: October 3 at 9:30 a.m.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:05 p.m.