Sept 11, 2018

Called to order at 7:04 pm by Niki Coon.

We do not have minutes from June’s meeting available, so can’t review and approve.

Introduction of principal and board member in attendance: Mr. Grezak, Niki Coon as president, Christina Richardson as one of the VPs and Jessica Howlin as treasurer.

Principal Report – Playground is complete, and a path will be installed within the next couple months.  Parking lot improvements include new painted lines, an added crosswalk near the loop and a path for safer walking in between cars.  Welcome to new parents. School has been going well the first week, just learning new routines and the new staff in the building. The school gift of $2500 from the PTA was used to purchase guided reading packets for each reading level A-Z.  Refer to “This Week at Coolidge” and use google calendar to sync up with school events and happenings. This year the school is trying to use less paper and more electronic communication.

President Report –

  • Mr. Crockett is leaving and last day is Friday 9/14; it was approved that we will purchase a $75 gift card for Home Depot as a thank you/goodbye gift for him.  

  • The fall festival is usually held at Holmes, this year we can’t use their gym and Niki is trying to get in touch with Riley to host it there.  There will be bounce houses, DJ, games, hot dogs, photo booth, face painting etc. Christine Noxakis volunteered to co-chair the event. Curriculum night: Christine is going to see if she can get Shields to donate a pasta dinner for the staff.  The book fair will be open during curriculum night.

  • Fun Run: is 9/21, is stations for students to do healthy active activities with their class. We are using an online donation company this year to generate more donations and help with tracking.

  • Conferences are 10/17-10/18. You sign up for a conference slot during curriculum night. Jessica will call Jimmy John’s to try and get a discounted/donated lunch for one of the days.

Treasurer Report –

  • No questions on balance statement

  • Christina asked to increase budget for Ready Set Go so she can enroll 3 classes (2 a.m. and 1 p.m. slot) during May. She generally uses $30/class.  Approved to increase budget to $90 for program

Upcoming dates:

9/21 – Fund Run

9/25 – Skate Night

9/27 – Curriculum night and book fair

10/1 – 10/5 – Book fair

10/2 – PTA meeting at 9:30am

10/2 – MOD Pizza restaurant night

10/5 – entertainment book kick off assembly

10/26 – fall festival

Nov – possible movie night

Square 1 fundraiser – Will be kicking off with Mrs. Stark mid-Oct or 1st week of Nov.  

Christina – Is collecting box tops and will be doing a rewards for highest class at the end of Oct. She is also collecting Tyson chicken nugget tags.  

Donna Wizinsky – Is going to look into who handles the Crayola colorcycle and Ink Recycling programs and how to get more collection areas set up throughout the school.

Open discussing on privacy and social media – There is a large discussion on the facebook LPS page that twitter is not private and what are alternatives to a more private communication between teachers and students.  

Dismissed at 8:08pm